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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I was talking to a close friend tonight about how vulnerable it makes me feel to put my writing out for the world to see.  How I purposefully told people, "hey come check out my blog". How I made a concerted effort to write intimate details of my family's life and experience down for all eyes to see, for their spirits to consume and for their brains to process.


For their fingers to have ample opportunity to type if they felt compelled to do so.  Writing has always been a "go to" exercise for me since I was a young girl.  However, I have not shared it easily.  Sure, if it was some nerdy, abstract, academician -- and yes, I get triple word score for that! -- task, I easily share in that because it's all encompassing-above-the-neck-cerebral-showing-off-my-ever-stretching-far-reaching-love-to-keep-learning-I-feel-blessed-with-intellect.


If I were in the front of a course I was teaching at the university. Whether it be history of social work, methodology for graduate students, or ethics I would confidently speak on and on with ease, head held high, chest out, with no hesitation.


This is so different.  However. Back to the conversation I had with my close friend.  We talked about how important it was for me to connect with other autism warrior parents.  For a parent to read  a blogpost and say "YES!" in agreement and be able to comment, to copy my link and send it to a friend or a group. I truly want to help other people, I do.


So this is FAR enough of all this serious stuff.  Way too cerebral right now!

Earlier we are in the middle of bedtime routine.  Rascal says to his daddy, "Ewwww! You STINK!"

Gotta love honesty from a child! Rascal #2, their Dad and I just about died laughing. Everything in our house is about body functions and I hear that's normal for boys... I also hear that never, ever, ever changes.

Did I mention it never, ever, ever changes?   So, everyone is stinky, even out of the shower. We are all "funky", full of the funk, so stank, peeeeeyoooou stinky with exaggerated hand movements or complete with pretend but highly exaggerated and an extremely, dramatic fainting spell. If I'm lucky, I may get some self induced, pretend choking in there for effect.  But I've got to be pretty special that day to get that treat!  Rascal #2 gives us all that creativity about the body funk but it was Rascal #1 that pulled off the hilarity tonite.

Heh, heh, heh....

Signing off for now,

Still Searching...

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